Linkshändiger Wichser / Lefthanded Wanker

I can`t have you to stay

I`m on the road, I`m on the run,

I just wanna freak, I wanna have fun,

no boundaries,

no responsibilities,

wanna make at least

something special out of every day,

and therefore I can`t have you to stay.


I do need someone who cares

though, who shares

the same thoughts and longings

without becoming

more than a good friend.

Because I know how such things end,

with me –

I will always flee

into the free

as soon as I start to see:

you caring too much.

You know what sucks?

I really liked you, liked the us,

but you started wanting too much.

You building cages, you always wanting to discuss

what is “us”

and all this further fuss

that goes with anything more than friendship.


So I can`t have you to stay, I`m sorry friend,

You know how it ends,

with me.

You should be able to see

I have to be free,

I have to watch my fringe

I have to spread my wings,

and my hormones all over the place,

so don`t try to track and trace me

It doesn`t work this way.

You can`t make me care more,

that`s for sure,

because I don`t even know what I`m looking for,

I think, probably for nothing, really, so far.

Too many times I`ve felt the pain

of having met someone in total vain,

I just don`t ever want to feel it again.

So don`t you complain,

you should be grateful I don`t obey you,

because I am the one here saving your heart, too.


And at the end of the day

we won`t find in each other what we are looking for anyway.

So I am sorry but you just can`t stay.



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