Thailand (4 weeks)

Because we had things to do that you can only do in a big city (buying a laptop, visiting a hospital, use the internet at any time, going to the movies, buying german salt sticks) we spent a few days in Bangkok. Then we accidently bumped into Sonkran – the thai new years festivities that last for three days and are a gigantic water party! So we spent 9 days in Bangkok. Precisely in one of the most annoying but fascinating places of big city life: Khao Sarn Road. 24/7 partying sunburned and revealing tourists who seemed to have not much more of a reason to spend their holiday of all things in Thailand.


After 9 days we had enough of busy Bangkok and went by bus and boat to a small island on the westcoast: Koh Phayam. After one week there we decided to go to Koh Phangan for the full moon party. Worth seeing once. We wanted to do a lot more in Thailand but we got catched by the Thailand-tourism-holiday-atmosphere and ended up partying, drinking and drinving around the island with the scooter for two weeks which was a lot of fun.

thailand map route

During our stay on Koh Phayam we tried to make plans about the further travel. We both wanted to go to China and flights were cheap to Hong Kong. It seemed more easy to get a visa for the mainland there than it was from Germany. But Philipp and I had our difficulties that time so I already booked my flight for Hong Kong and he didn’t. It was quite enthralling because we both hadn’t a clue how everything would turn out. In the end we dicided to give it a try so he also booked his flight.


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