Scotland 2014

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During my nine previous visits to Scotland I have been driven through Rannoch Moor and Glen Coe valley several times by accident because I was hitchhiking and it was part of the route to get where I wanted to go.  Every single time I passed this mysterious, rough and very emotional landscape on high speed I felt an intense longing to jump out of the car and stay.  It felt like it was exactly my place to be. Like a place I would feel really happy at. I was sad to not being able to stop right there, right then because I was not prepared then and had other plans. But I told myself, every single time, I would come back, properly prepared and spend time just on my own in this challenging emptiness with nothing more than some rocks, grass, heather and, of course, the amazing sky and strong wind.

I finally made it true in Spring 2014. After I had just cycled Kyrgyzstan by bike with Philipp in the end of 2013, I felt I should try proper hiking also. I guessed that it wouldn´t suit me as much because I would get impatient by the lack of speed, but at least I wanted to try. So I came again to the place where I had often before started my trip into the Highlands: Tyndrum. To start a trip which was supposed to be about walking and painting. This time as much prepared as anyone can be for walking in the tough Scottish weather.


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