Trophy and Graphic “Slamasutra”

Plastic Trophy and T-Shirt Design for the first Erotic-Poetry Slam at the Regional Championship of Poetry Slam for Lower Saxony& Bremen, Oldenburg 2016 (Poetry Slam Landesmeisterschaften für Niedersachsen und Bremen, Oldenburg 2016)


SusanneSiegmund MalereiSusanneSiegmund Über mich

Creation of the Website for the paintress Susanne Siegmund to present her art.

Flyer “Motley Glow”

Motley Glow - Flyer

Design and Layout of a flyer for the Artist Motley Glow, Guido Salge.


 Trash Art in Hong Kong

Trash I         Trash doggys

After a storm there was horrifyingly much garbage on our Pui O beach. Spontaneously we started collecting all kinds of bottles and put them in a row to provoke awareness. Soon were joined by other people helping us to make it a really long line of “Trash art”.

Stone forest in Switzerland

Stone forest II Stone forest I

Goldsworthy* in England

Goldsworthy I Goldsworthy II

Andy Goldsworthy is an amazing and inspiring British artist producing land art and environmental art. I want to spread his work, ideas and inspiration because I think everyone should to do some simple land art every now and then. It doesn’t need skills or special tools – you just use what is there and create something new with it – but it makes very happy and is almost like meditation sometimes.

Illustration “ackernebel”

Projekt Ackernebel

My friend Udo Tiffert, a great poet and writer, asked me to illustrate one of his poems and design a postcard of it. A long ping-pong-chat full of trial, error and learning, finally brought us to this proud result!


Technoschnegge                   Technoschnegge tanzt

My dear friend “Technoschnegge” (Techno-snail) the marionette was already born ten years ago in art class. Now she’s clothed and finally able to dance on strings almost by herself (her favorite still being Hardstyle music).



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